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Dead Boy Detectives to headline new TV series in Sandman universe!


Nov 14, 2023

Breaking News: The Sandman Universe Expands with Dead Boy Detectives TV Series on Netflix!

In a thrilling development, the beloved characters from The Sandman are set to take the small screen by storm with their very own TV series. The Dead Boy Detectives will be the stars of this highly anticipated show, adding another layer to the rich and intricate Sandman universe.

Netflix Tudum, the official Twitter account for Netflix news, announced the exciting news, unveiling the cast for this upcoming series. Fans can’t contain their excitement as they eagerly await this new adventure in a universe they have come to love.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking series as we delve deeper into the mysterious and enchanting world of The Dead Boy Detectives.
Source : @NetflixTudum

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