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Emergency Protest at White House over Israeli Invasion of Al Shifa Hospital sparks outcry #FreePalestine #Gaza_genocide


Nov 15, 2023

BREAKING: Emergency Protest Erupts at White House Following Israeli Invasion of Al Shifa Hospital!

In a stunning turn of events, a last-minute emergency protest has erupted outside the White House, denouncing the Israeli invasion of Al Shifa Hospital. Protesters are demanding justice for Palestine and calling for an end to the Gaza genocide. The situation remains tense as demonstrators gather, hoping to draw attention to the ongoing crisis. Stay tuned for updates on this breaking news story. #FreePalestine #Gaza_genocide

[Image source](https://pbs.twimg.com/amplify_video_thumb/1724627635999805440/img/o3NrSW7T499Hsfmv.jpg)
Source : @ChuckModi1

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