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Israeli Forces Storm Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza


Nov 15, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza under Attack by Israeli Forces!

In a shocking development, Israeli forces have stormed Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, a facility that provides critical medical care to the region. The hospital, known for its dedicated doctors and staff, is now facing armed aggression from the Israeli military. This heinous act of violence puts the lives of innocent patients at risk, including unconscious, sick, and wounded civilians. It is a blatant display of fascism against freedom and humanity. Stay tuned for more updates on this alarming situation. #Gaza #Gaza_Genocide #fascism

[Image: Al-Shifa Hospital being stormed by Israeli forces]
Source: Dr. Mads Gilbert on Twitter (November 15, 2023)
Source : @DrMadsGilbert

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