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Steven Crowder Exclusively Reveals Bud Light’s $165,000 Payment to Dylan Mulvaney for Spring Campaign


Nov 16, 2023

Breaking News: Bud Light Pays Dylan Mulvaney $165,000 for Spring Campaign, Reveals Steven Crowder

In a sensational revelation, conservative commentator Steven Crowder has disclosed that Dylan Mulvaney, an influential figure in the advertising industry, received a staggering $165,000 from Bud Light for their upcoming spring campaign. Crowder, known for his incisive analysis, made this exclusive announcement, leaving audiences astounded. This unexpected collaboration between Mulvaney and Bud Light has sent shockwaves through the marketing world. Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking development. Breaking News will bring you the latest details as they unfold.
Source : @dom_lucre

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