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Russian Security Services Push Large Groups of Migrants from Somalia, Syria & Iraq Towards Finnish Border in Weaponized Migration


Nov 20, 2023

BREAKING: Russian Security Services Allegedly Pushing Large Groups of Migrants towards Finnish Border

In a shocking development, a newly released video has revealed that Russian security services are allegedly orchestrating the movement of migrants from Somalia, Syria, and Iraq towards the Finnish border. The migrants appear to be equipped with bicycles, reportedly provided by Russia, for the final leg of their journey. Experts believe that Russia is utilizing weaponized migration as a tool of hybrid warfare. Stay tuned for more updates on this pressing matter. 🇫🇮🇷🇺

Source: Visegrád 24 (Twitter) [link: https://twitter.com/visegrad24/status/1726531058202816896?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw]

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Source : @visegrad24

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