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3 injured at Disneyland as pole falls due to strong winds, causing other incidents at Tustin house and John Wayne Airport


Nov 21, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Incidents Caused by Strong Wind at Disneyland, Tustin, and John Wayne Airport

In a series of unfortunate events, three people have been injured at Disneyland today when a pole fell in the Main Street area. The Anaheim Fire Department has reported that the strong wind is believed to be the cause of this incident. This powerful wind has also been blamed for a tree falling on a house in Tustin and a small plane flipping over on the runway at John Wayne Airport.

The winds, which have been unusually strong today, have wreaked havoc in various parts of Southern California. At Disneyland, visitors were caught off guard when a pole suddenly toppled over, causing injuries. Emergency services were quickly dispatched to the scene to tend to the injured individuals.

Meanwhile, in Tustin, a large tree succumbed to the force of the wind and fell onto a house, causing significant damage. Thankfully, no injuries were reported in this incident, but the homeowners have been left to deal with the aftermath.

At John Wayne Airport, a small aircraft was flipped over on the runway due to the powerful gusts. The pilot and any passengers on board were fortunate to escape without serious injuries. Nevertheless, the incident caused a disruption to airport operations, with flights temporarily halted while the plane was secured.

The local authorities and emergency services are working diligently to assess the damages and ensure the safety of the affected areas. As investigations continue, it is crucial for residents and visitors to exercise caution and remain vigilant during this period of intense weather conditions.

Stay tuned for further updates on these incidents as more information becomes available.
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