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500 lb Bomb Kills Two, Injures Seven, and Damages Homes in Namsan Township Attack


Nov 21, 2023

Breaking News: Terrorist Military Drops 500 lb Bomb on Myo Thit Village

In a shocking act of violence, the terrorist military has targeted and fired a 500 lb bomb that fell directly onto Ta San Naw’s home in Myo Thit village, #Namsan Township. The explosion, which occurred at approximately 10 AM on November 19, resulted in the tragic death of Ta San Naw and a child. Additionally, seven villagers were injured, two homes were completely burned, and 23 homes suffered severe damage. This devastating incident is believed to be connected to the ongoing #2023Nov20Coup. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.
Source : @YeSoe91920267

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