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Active shooter reported at Cannon AFB base in Clovis, New Mexico.


Nov 22, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Active Shooter Situation Unfolds at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico

An alarming incident has been reported at the Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico. According to credible sources, an active shooter is currently on the loose, causing panic and chaos among the base’s personnel and residents in the surrounding area.

Local authorities are responding swiftly to this grave situation, with law enforcement agencies and emergency services rushing to the scene. The safety and security of the base’s personnel and civilians are of utmost priority as efforts are underway to neutralize the threat.

The motive behind the shooting remains unknown at this time, as investigators work diligently to gather more information. Details regarding casualties or injuries have yet to be released, but medical personnel are standing by to provide immediate assistance to any victims.

Residents near the Cannon Air Force Base are urged to stay indoors and lock their doors until the situation is resolved. It is essential to avoid the affected area and await further instructions from law enforcement officials.

We will continue to monitor this developing story closely and provide updates as they become available. Stay tuned for the latest information on this evolving crisis.

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