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Controversy Surrounds Casualty Count in #Kalakote, #Rajouri as Indian Forces Accused of Concealing Failure


Nov 23, 2023

BREAKING: Disturbing Reports from Kalakote and Rajouri Reveal Higher Casualty Count than Reported by Indian Authorities

In a shocking development, it has been brought to light that the casualty count in the Kalakote and Rajouri regions is double what the Indian authorities have officially disclosed. A reliable source has informed us that Indian forces are allegedly transporting 2-3 prisoners to the area with the intention of executing them. This alarming move could potentially serve as a cover-up for their failure and falsely portray them as attackers. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story. #Kalakote #Rajouri #BreakingNews
Source : @Shadowfox_11

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