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Trump’s Favorite Surrogate Faces Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Coercion, Assault, and Harassment


Nov 24, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Trump’s Favorite Surrogate Jason Miller Faces Explosive Lawsuit Alleging Serious Offenses Including Sexual Coercion, Rape, and Sex Trafficking.

In a shocking turn of events, Jason Miller, a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump, has been hit with a bombshell lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses Miller of engaging in a range of heinous acts, including sexual coercion, rape, sexual assault, abuse, battery, sexual harassment, and even sex trafficking.

The allegations against Miller are nothing short of horrifying, casting a dark shadow over Trump’s inner circle. As Trump’s go-to surrogate, Miller played a crucial role in defending and promoting the former president’s agenda. However, with these grave accusations now coming to light, the repercussions for Trump’s image could be devastating.

The details of the lawsuit remain undisclosed, but sources suggest that the evidence against Miller is substantial and compelling. If proven true, these allegations could have far-reaching consequences not only for Miller but also for the Trump administration and its credibility.

This scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time for Trump, as he faces increasing scrutiny and legal battles of his own. With the weight of multiple investigations and controversies already weighing heavily on his shoulders, this latest blow threatens to further tarnish his reputation.

As the situation unfolds, the nation waits with bated breath to see how Trump will respond to this shocking revelation. Will he distance himself from Miller and condemn his alleged actions, or will he continue to stand by his longtime ally? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as it continues to rock the political landscape.
Source : @OccupyDemocrats

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