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Israeli Authorities Refuse to Release Bodies of 13 Slain Palestinians, Insist on Serving Sentences Posthumously


Nov 26, 2023

Breaking News: Israeli Authorities Refuse to Release Bodies of 13 Palestinians, Holding Them in Prisons

In a shocking development, it has been revealed that Israeli authorities are still withholding the bodies of 13 Palestinians who were brutally murdered in Israeli prisons. This disturbing practice has sparked outrage and condemnation from human rights organizations worldwide. Despite their deaths, Israel insists on keeping the Palestinians’ bodies incarcerated, forcing them to serve the remainder of their sentences even in death. This flagrant disregard for basic human dignity has raised serious concerns about Israel’s treatment of Palestinian prisoners. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story. #JusticeForPalestinians
Source : @sunnydaejones

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