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Former Trudeau Green Fund Board Member Funneled Taxpayer Money to 4 Companies She Owned, Exposing Corruption


Nov 29, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Former Trudeau Green Slush Fund Board Member Confesses to Channeling Taxpayer Funds to Four Companies She Owns

In a shocking revelation, a former board member of Prime Minister Trudeau’s $1 billion Green Slush Fund has admitted to diverting taxpayer money to not just one, two, or three, but four companies in which she has ownership stakes. This unethical conduct by a board member appointed in 2016 exposes the deep-rooted corruption among Liberal insiders. Canadians are left astounded by the audacity of such actions within a fund meant to support environmentally friendly initiatives. Stay tuned for further developments on this scandal.
Source : @MikeBarrettON

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