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Death – Obituary News : “Ruth Seymour, KCRW’s founder, passes away”


Dec 22, 2023

Breaking News: Ruth Seymour, KCRW’s Founder, Passes Away

In a tragic turn of events, Ruth Seymour, the esteemed founder of KCRW, has passed away. The news of her demise has sent shockwaves through the media industry, leaving a void that will be hard to fill. Seymour, who had been instrumental in shaping the landscape of public radio, leaves behind a remarkable legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Ruth Seymour, a trailblazer in the world of radio, dedicated her life to creating a platform for exceptional storytelling and diverse voices. Under her visionary leadership, KCRW flourished into a cultural powerhouse, providing a home to groundbreaking programs like “Morning Becomes Eclectic” and “Bookworm.” Her unwavering commitment to quality programming and her ability to spot emerging talent set her apart from her peers.

Seymour’s passion for radio was evident in every decision she made. She believed in the power of this medium to connect people, challenge perspectives, and inspire change. Through her relentless pursuit of excellence, she transformed KCRW into a beacon of creativity and innovation. Her impact extended far beyond the confines of the station, influencing the broader radio community and shaping the future of public broadcasting.

The news of Seymour’s passing has sent shockwaves through the media industry, with tributes pouring in from colleagues, friends, and listeners alike. Her ability to foster a sense of community among her team and her unwavering support for independent voices earned her the respect and admiration of all who had the privilege of working with her.

With her passing, the radio world has lost a true visionary. Seymour’s ability to spot emerging talent and provide a platform for underrepresented voices was unparalleled. Many credit her with launching the careers of countless artists, authors, and musicians who might not have otherwise found a platform for their work. Her dedication to showcasing diverse perspectives and pushing boundaries has left an indelible mark on the industry.

As news of Seymour’s death spread, social media platforms were flooded with messages of gratitude and remembrance. Listeners shared stories of how KCRW and its programming had shaped their lives, highlighting the impact Seymour had on individuals and communities alike. Her ability to connect with people through the airwaves was truly remarkable and will be sorely missed.

The legacy of Ruth Seymour will continue to inspire generations of broadcasters and storytellers. Her pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality programming have set the standard for public radio. As the industry mourns her loss, there is no doubt that her influence will continue to shape the future of broadcasting.

In these challenging times, it is crucial to remember the importance of independent voices and the power of storytelling. Ruth Seymour’s life and work serve as a reminder of the transformative potential of radio and the responsibility that comes with it. As we reflect on her incredible legacy, let us strive to carry forward her vision and ensure that her impact is not forgotten.

Ruth Seymour may no longer be with us, but her spirit will forever live on through the airwaves. The world of radio has lost a true luminary, but her legacy will continue to shine brightly. As we bid farewell to this remarkable woman, let us remember her as a pioneer, a mentor, and a champion of the arts. Rest in peace, Ruth Seymour.
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