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Death – Obituary News : “Passing of Sycamore Local 3046 Brother Brad Belanger after courageous battle against cancer”


Dec 23, 2023

Breaking News: Sycamore Local 3046 Brother Brad Belanger Loses Courageous Battle Against Cancer

In a tragic turn of events, the Associated Firefighters of Illinois (AFFI) has announced the passing of Sycamore Local 3046 Brother Brad Belanger. Today, the firefighting community mourns the loss of a brave and dedicated firefighter who fought an uphill battle against cancer.

Brother Belanger’s untimely demise has left his fellow firefighters devastated. He was an inspiration to many, showcasing unwavering courage and determination throughout his fight against the debilitating disease. Despite his best efforts and the support of his loved ones, Brother Belanger succumbed to his illness today.

The AFFI, along with the Sycamore Local 3046, expresses their deepest condolences to the Belanger family during this difficult time. Firefighters from across the state are standing in solidarity, offering their support and love to the family and friends of Brother Belanger.

Arrangements for Brother Belanger’s final rites are currently being made and will be shared with the public as soon as they become available. The firefighting community, along with the wider public, eagerly awaits the opportunity to pay their respects to a true hero who dedicated his life to serving and protecting others.

Brad Belanger’s legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of his colleagues and the community he served. His selflessness, bravery, and unwavering commitment to duty will continue to inspire future generations of firefighters.

The loss of Brother Belanger serves as a stark reminder of the sacrifices firefighters make every day. They put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe, often facing dangerous and life-threatening situations. Their dedication and bravery deserve our utmost respect and gratitude.

Firefighters like Brother Belanger embody the true spirit of heroism. They rush towards danger when others flee, selflessly risking their lives to protect and save others. Their courage and resilience in the face of adversity is nothing short of remarkable.

As the news of Brother Belanger’s passing spreads, tributes and messages of condolences pour in from across the state and beyond. The impact he made on his community and the lives he touched is evident in the outpouring of support and grief expressed by his fellow firefighters and the general public.

The firefighting brotherhood and sisterhood stand united in honoring Brother Belanger’s memory and celebrating his exceptional life. In the days to come, memorial services and ceremonies will pay homage to his dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering commitment to the firefighting profession.

It is crucial that we, as a society, recognize the challenges faced by firefighters and the toll their profession takes on their physical and mental well-being. The loss of Brother Belanger reminds us of the importance of supporting and prioritizing the health and well-being of these brave individuals who protect us day in and day out.

In conclusion, the passing of Sycamore Local 3046 Brother Brad Belanger has left a deep void in the firefighting community. His unwavering courage, determination, and sacrifice will forever be remembered. The AFFI and the entire state of Illinois mourn the loss of a true hero. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and fellow firefighters during this incredibly challenging time.

Rest in peace, Brother Belanger. Your legacy will forever burn bright in the hearts of those who knew and loved you.
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