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Death – Obituary News : “Bug Fixed: Speeder’s Erroneous Aim After Entity Death Issue Addressed”


Dec 24, 2023

BREAKING NEWS: Critical Bug Fixed in Speeder Software, Version 152 Now Available

In a significant development, the developers of Speeder, a popular software used in the gaming community, have successfully resolved a critical issue that had been plaguing the application. According to a recent tweet by FFXIV Hacker, a renowned source for gaming news, the bug in Speeder that caused erroneous aiming after an entity’s death has been rectified.

The bug, which had been causing frustration among Speeder users, allowed the software to aim inaccurately, leading to unfair advantages and potential exploitation in gameplay. However, with the latest update to version 152, this issue has now been fully addressed, ensuring a fair and balanced gaming experience.

Furthermore, the developers have made additional enhancements to Speeder’s aiming functionality. The software will now retain the last calculated angle(s) until a specified timer, located on line 85, has expired. This update aims to provide players with more precise and consistent aiming capabilities, further improving the overall gaming experience.

To benefit from these crucial bug fixes and enhancements, all Speeder users are urged to update their software to version 152. The new update promises to deliver a more stable, reliable, and enjoyable gaming experience.

The developers have made it incredibly convenient for users to update their Speeder software. By visiting the provided link, gamers can easily access the updated version and seamlessly install it on their devices. The link can be found in the tweet shared by FFXIV Hacker.

This breaking news is a sigh of relief for the gaming community, especially those who heavily rely on Speeder for an optimized gaming experience. With the bug fixes, gamers can now engage in fair and competitive gameplay without the fear of encountering inaccuracies or exploits.

In addition to resolving the critical bug, the developers have also demonstrated their commitment to ongoing improvement by introducing the timer-based aiming feature. This new functionality showcases their dedication to providing gamers with cutting-edge tools to enhance their gaming skills.

The news of Speeder’s bug fixes and enhancements has already spread like wildfire among the gaming community. Gamers are expressing their gratitude and enthusiasm for the prompt action taken by the developers to address the issue. Many are eagerly updating their Speeder software to experience the latest improvements firsthand.

As the world of gaming continues to evolve rapidly, it is essential for software developers to remain vigilant in identifying and rectifying any issues that may arise. The developers of Speeder have proven their dedication to their user base by promptly addressing the bug and introducing valuable updates.

With the release of Speeder version 152, gamers can now focus on their gameplay without the worry of encountering any disruptive bugs. The enhanced aiming capabilities and improved stability of the software are expected to elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

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Source : @FfxivHacker

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