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Death – Obituary News : “Founder of Reformed University Fellowship and Former Head of Great Commission Publications, Mark Lowrey, Dies at 78”


Dec 25, 2023

Breaking News: Mark Lowrey, Founder of Reformed University Fellowship and Former Head of Great Commission Publications, Passes Away at 78

The Christian community mourns the loss of Mark Lowrey, the esteemed founder of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and former head of Great Commission Publications (GCP). Lowrey, a prominent figure in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), passed away at the age of 78. His profound impact on the lives of countless individuals will forever be remembered and cherished.

Legacy of a Visionary Leader
Mark Lowrey’s dedication and visionary leadership have left an indelible mark on the Christian community. As the founder of RUF, a ministry focused on reaching university students with the Gospel, Lowrey pioneered a movement that has influenced generations of young minds. His passion for equipping and empowering young believers has transformed the lives of countless students, enabling them to grow in their faith and impact their communities.

Moreover, Lowrey’s tenure as the head of GCP, a publishing house committed to producing biblically sound resources, further solidified his reputation as a respected leader in the Christian publishing industry. Under his guidance, GCP flourished, providing churches and individuals with invaluable resources to deepen their understanding of Scripture and foster spiritual growth.

A Life Devoted to Service
Throughout his life, Mark Lowrey exemplified the values of selflessness and service. He dedicated himself to the cause of Christ, tirelessly working to spread the Gospel and make a difference in the lives of others. His commitment to nurturing the faith of young believers and his relentless pursuit of excellence in Christian publishing were testaments to his unwavering devotion to God’s kingdom.

Lowrey’s Impact: Transforming Lives
The impact of Mark Lowrey’s ministry cannot be overstated. Countless individuals, including students, pastors, and laypeople, have been transformed by his teachings and writings. His words have inspired and encouraged believers, providing them with the spiritual nourishment needed to navigate the challenges of life and grow in their relationship with God.

His legacy will continue to live on through the thousands of lives he has touched, the ministries he has established, and the resources he has provided. The ripple effect of his work will be felt for generations to come.

Tributes Pour In
As news of Mark Lowrey’s passing spreads, tributes from friends, colleagues, and admirers flood in. The Christian community is united in mourning the loss of a beloved leader. Many express their gratitude for Lowrey’s impact on their lives and the profound influence he had on their spiritual journeys.

Prominent figures within the PCA, as well as leaders from other Christian denominations, have shared their condolences and memories of Lowrey. They highlight his humility, wisdom, and genuine love for God and others. The outpouring of tributes serves as a testament to the profound impact Mark Lowrey had on the broader Christian community.

Continuing the Legacy
While the loss of Mark Lowrey is deeply felt, his legacy will endure. The ministries he founded, RUF and GCP, will carry on his vision and mission, ensuring that his work continues to bear fruit in the lives of countless individuals. The leaders within these organizations are committed to upholding the values and principles that Lowrey held dear, ensuring that his impact remains intact.

Furthermore, the stories and testimonies of those who have been impacted by Lowrey’s ministry will continue to inspire and encourage others. Through their lives, the legacy of Mark Lowrey will continue to shine brightly, offering hope and guidance to all who encounter it.

In conclusion, the Christian community mourns the loss of Mark Lowrey, a visionary leader, and devoted servant of God. His passion for equipping young believers and his commitment to producing biblically sound resources have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless individuals. As we reflect on his life and legacy, let us be inspired by his example and continue his mission of spreading the Gospel and impacting lives for the glory of God.
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