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Jack Smith and Biden DOJ Obtain Sweeping Subpoena on American Citizens, Including Twitter Users


Nov 29, 2023

Breaking News: Biden DOJ Obtains Sweeping Subpoena on American Citizens, Including Twitter User Data

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Jack Smith and the Biden Department of Justice, backed by leftist DC judges, have obtained a far-reaching subpoena targeting American citizens. This subpoena includes the alarming demand for “lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by (Trump’s @Twitter) account, as well as all tweets that include…” The extent of this intrusion into privacy is unprecedented.

The implications of this sweeping subpoena are deeply concerning. It raises serious questions about the erosion of Americans’ rights to privacy and freedom of speech. The Biden administration’s push to gain access to users’ Twitter data, including their interactions with President Trump’s account, highlights a worrisome trend towards government overreach.

Citizens are left wondering what the true intentions behind this subpoena are. Is it an attempt to stifle dissenting voices or to monitor and control public opinion? The implications for free speech and privacy in the digital age are immense, and the ramifications could be far-reaching.

Concerned individuals and organizations are calling for transparency and accountability, urging the DOJ to explain the necessity and legality of such a broad subpoena. The American people deserve answers and assurances that their constitutional rights are being respected.

As this story continues to develop, stay tuned for updates as we bring you the latest on this alarming infringement on American citizens’ privacy and freedom.
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